Mastery Training Programs

A fully customized coaching program for employees in any high-touch business


What is our goal?

Knowledgeable, Skilled, Superb Communicators who:

  • Master handling any situation with Clients efficiently and with a delightful manner.
  • Develop strong and lasting Client relationships through using key skills:
    • Communiction Skills e.g. What are some good stategies to deliver “bad” news?
    • Conflict Resolution e.g. What are the six skills that are needed to resolve any conflict?
    • Written Skills e.g. What are the basics of writing clear statements?
    • Time Management e.g. How to handle interruptions efficiently?
    • Managing Change e.g. What are the 10 keys to overcoming resistance to change?
  • Emotional Intelligence e.g. What are the neurological elements needed to create a new habit?
  • Training Your Brain e.g. How to manage your mood?
  • Managing Frustration e.g. What are some techniques that can help reduce your frustration?

Utilize every opportunity to thank, acknowledge and appreciate the Client, thereby increasing Client loyalty by 20%.

How do we get there?

We start by:

  • Interviewing each employee to gain perspectives on jobs, tasks and interaction styles.
  • Pinpointing areas in which individuals excel and which areas need strengthening.


  • Each employee’s personalized goals and unique needs will be discussed with management and customized accordingly.
  • We will design highly specific coaching and training sessions so that each individual will receive exactly the coaching that s/he needs to be his/her best.

What sets us apart?

  • The MTP is a flexible Program that can be altered to accomodate new ideas, trends, developments, etc.
  • Our training provides the impetus and excitement necessary to push through any resistance.
    • Employees will excel at their jobs.

“I have carefully designed the Masters Training Program to not only meet
but also exceed your needs and expectations. My goal is to “Wow!” you and everyone at your company. Nothing short of that will be acceptable to me or to anyone at my company” — Lynn Thomas, President

The team at Client Relationship Experts will jump through hoops to make the MTP an outstanding success.

“Growth and profitability through caring for your customers – what a novel idea! Your message on the value of having specific strategies to maintain and increase business from your best customers is timeless.” (Brian P. Lytwynec, Senior VP – Marketing, Utica National Insurance Group) More testimonials »

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