Why Businesses Put Their Trust in Us

Professional firms that deliver consistent extraordinary client experiences enjoy:

8% higher rates
18% lower cost to serve
20% higher Client satisfaction
33% higher profits
39% higher client retention


How Can You Get These Client Delight Results?

Thomas Consulting recently worked for 18 months with a well-known P&C company to create extraordinary experiences for its Clients.  We then tracked the company’s progress for an additional 12 months. The proof is in the data. Take a look at these amazing results!

Thomas Consulting Stats

We monitored training before, during and after training call center staff

↥ Average calls handled increased 24%


↧ Average speed to answer decreased 73%

Average Speed to Answer

↧ Abandoned calls decreased 84%

Average Daily Abandoned Calls
Do you want to see these kinds of results?
Call us so you can deliver extraordinary experiences to your Clients and reap the profits and growth!

Our work is all customized and guaranteed!

mastery-training-programsMastery Training Programs

We “Wow!” with our customized coaching programs for executives and other employees where each individual’s unique needs are identified and personal goals are set and met.

  • Learn how to handle all Clients’ issues efficiently in a delightful way.
  • Deepen your relationship with Clients, manage change easily and effectively, and spend more time on highly leveraged activities.
  • Training includes communication skills (verbal & written), conflict resolution, frustration management, organizational skills, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, Innovation, Feedback, Coaching, Managing Change, Leadership, Lifetime Learner, and High Impact Communication.

unique-market-researchUnique Market Research

We gather and analyze key business intelligence to dramatically increase the quality of your Clients’ experiences which will increase your company’s growth & profits.

We have 24 years of experience utilizing primary research allowing us to interpret the buying, staying, leaving, cross-buying, and referral behavior patterns

We will survey employees, current Clients, and prospective Client to uncover how to super-glue these top Clients for life. We will call your former Clients to uncover why they left and what you can do to win them back.

keynote-speakingKeynote Speaking & Mini-Bootcamps

Our presentations are designed to help your company provide outstanding service that will keep Clients for life and have them regularly referring other business to you.

“Lynn Thomas has given me better ideas in the Boot Camp than in any other presentation in my 31 years in insurance.” More testimonials »

Higher Profit Margins

“This predictive survey has enabled us to strategize early in the renewal process. We are able to customize our Client’s communication and service plan based on their desires. Clients have fewer questions or concerns around renewal time and this saves us time and money. It isn’t guess work anymore.

“This survey has alerted us to a few of our Clients that may have been in jeopardy. We were able to take immediate action and exceed our Client’s expectations. This resulted in saved commissions in excess of $200,000, which translates into additional revenue each year.

“This survey differentiates us in the marketplace. It communicates loudly that we care. Our next step is to survey our Clients once they join USI so we can customize our service agreement based on their needs and wants.

“The results of this survey has enabled us to focus on the vital few areas where we need improvement in order to continue to retain our Clients. This allows Management to be more effective and thus will positively impact our bottom line.

“120 days prior to the renewal of surveyed Clients, we pull the survey and work directly with the Client on achieving their expectations. By doing this, the renewal process is smoother and easier and thus significantly increases the odds that Clients’ satisfaction and loyalty levels will increase as well as their retention.”

Jeff Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, USI Holding Company, Briarcliff Manor, NY

More testimonials »

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