What our Clients are saying

“Yesterday I met with Lynn Thomas of Thomas Consulting. Let me assure you that Ms. Thomas is one impressive lady. As a tax attorney, a former consultant with Arthur Andersen, and experience as a private banker, her technical credentials and experience are outstanding. In addition to this she brings tremendous personal skills and an understanding of human nature.” (Philip A. Houck, Mass Mutual)

“We have worked with many consultants, but none have shown the true passion, tireless energy and enthusiasm that you displayed during this project. Many thanks to you and your staff for an exceptional effort!” (Westfield Companies, Insurance since 1848)

“The Mastery Training Program customized to satisfy all of our needs. Lynn orchestrated a major overhaul of our Billing Department with her passion, energy, patience, and overall understanding of the changes necessary to achieve success. The results of the 12 month Program is we have a powerful Team that provides an outstanding and enthusiastic consistent level of service.” (Jeffrey Paradis, Safety Insurance)

“Growth and profitability through caring for your customers – what a novel idea! Your message on the value of having specific strategies to maintain and increase business from your best customers is timeless.” (Brian P. Lytwynec, Senior VP – Marketing, Utica National Insurance Group)

“We consider the retention work you are assisting us with to be one of our top strategic priorities due to the connection between retention, profit and growth. Your work over the past nine months has helped us to realize this connection and for that we thank you!” (Darin L. Kath, COO, Jewelers Mutual)

“Your study was the first time we took a systematic look at why members of different client segments remain with or leave us. You opened our eyes to some issues we hadn’t realized existed. You clarified our perceptions of some critical issues where we had misunderstood the points of view of key client and prospect segments and you provided us – this was a real strength of your study, I believe – with specific action steps, “how to’s” if you will, for implementation.”
(Donald A. Way, Chairman and Chief Executive, Thoits Insurance)

“The statistics that you’ve acquired during your years of professional pursuits certainly opened my eyes to the increasing need for not only better customer service standards but “true customer satisfaction.” (Charles R. Daniels III, President, The Daniels Agency)

“The Mastery Training Program helped me in many ways. It changed how I speak with Clients, how I view my job, it made it easier to care about the Clients, and we had less stress. We have more resources, knowledge, training, skills, tools, and options. All has made me much better at my job and I enjoy it so much more.”

“This is a belated note of thanks for your generosity in taking the time to lecture to my law practice management class on client retention and marketing. The presentation was received enthusiastically, and you obviously lived up to the raves I had heard following your appearance before the MBA.” (Michael Fredrickson, Board of Bar Overseers of the Supreme Judicial Court, Boston)

“I have had the distinct advantage of attending this seminar. I feel that this kind of seminar is very important and productive for anyone that deals with the public. It is a proven fact that it is cheaper to retain an existing customer than it is to replace one. With a shrinking market and growing competition in many areas of business today, this is especially true.”(Rick White)

Lynn Thomas retention camp was truly eye opening … She really focuses on different ways to retain customers and improve profitability. I would recommend this seminar to anyone.” (Dick Hauer)

“It is with a great deal of pleasure that I recommend Lynn Thomas, her message, and her teachings. I first saw and later met Lynn when she spoke before (or to?) 600+ attendees at a national convention. The audience was captivated. So was I.” (Frank Herberg, CPCU, Herberg & Associates, Inc.)

“No one can argue or be rude to someone who is smiling on the other end of the phone line. We put it to test last week.” (Diane M E. Osterman, Inc.)

“Our experience with (CRX) has changed the way our agency looks at itself and our customers. The information you and your staff gleaned from our customers has been instrumental in determining how our agency must change in order to produce highly satisfied customers.” (Christie S. McVicker, President, The Flanders Group)

“I would like to commend your staff and the overall quality of the project reports. Every activity of the project was handled in a professional manner and delivered on time. You truly take pride in your work.” (Diana Buechel, Organizational Effectiveness Director, Secura)

“Your credibility as the recognized expert in this field helped us get the message across in a way that we would not have been able to in your absence.” (Jamie Ochiltree, III, Executive VP Insurance Selective)

“People were skeptical initially, but experiencing the results and positive change has made everyone jump aboard. We regularly make suggestions and set personal goals. Lynn helps us break down our goals into smaller and more manageable pieces and gets us moving.”

“As your customer, we experienced a “live” example from you of the optimal service and performance that guarantees satisfaction – and repeat business.” Douglas J. Albohn, Director, Field Sales Operations, Grange Insurance)

re: Client Loyalty and Retention Boot Camp “You are right on target with ways to “Wow” our customers to make then want to stay with us year after year.”

“Lynn Thomas is one hot ticket!” (Philip A. Houck, MassMutual)

“To be frank, it was painful to see how our growth in some cases had a negative impact on the quality of our relationships with some Clients. Now we are able to recognize and focus on the areas that our Clients find the most valuable, and our service people now understand and are more focused on each Client’s specific needs. Also, our Producers are able to more accurately target specific referral and cross-selling opportunities and are more confident and motivated to do so. Thanks!”
(Robert Vaudreuil, CEO, Protector Group, Worcester, MA)

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